Anna Casado is an eclectic singer based in Barcelona. After studiyng and living in the city of granada, for 7 years, she moved back to Barcelona to study at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya where she just finish her degree on the speciality of flamenco singing.

On her musical journey she was introduced to different mediterranean traditional styles, however she is enormously influenced by jazz as well as urban music.

Currently she participates in different musical projects such as Hamsa Hamsa, Por Medio, Reflejos as well as leading and producing the Maktub Sextet.


This is a project based on the fusion of different traditional mediterranean musical styles. Where flamenco, arabic, greeksephardic and jazz music meet in harmony and celebration. In Maktub we put a focus on the musical, social and cultural aspects that all these different styes have in common, creating a personal and unique sound. This musical journey reminds us that for every difference we have more in common.  Our project encourages coexistence and peace between all these cultures, because cultures should never be tolerated, they should always be celebrated. 




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Maktub Contact

Tel : +34 722 73 26 44 

 Luana Pira ( agente)

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